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Swim Long 
About Swim Long
"I founded this company with my kids because we love all sorts of water activities, 
and we want to help support and protect the Great Lakes. We also believe quality 
American products can compete in the global market. We all need to start 'Buying
American' again. And, we believe that 'Small Fry' (that would be us) can make a 
difference if we work together. Help us prove it! Visit Our Campaigns to find out 
how we are helping out, and then visit Our Products and make a purchase so you 
can help out, too!" ~Jill McCaughan

Our founder and "Big Fish," Jill McCaughan, holds a PhD in Communication from Ohio 
State University, specializing in cultural studies. Her experience lies in building community 
support for achieving positive social, economic, and environmental change, both in the United States and Mexico. 
What Does “Swim Long And Spawn” Mean?

It can mean anything you want it to, but when we say it, what we really mean is: 

Have a Great Day!
Good Luck to You!
Keep Up the Good Fight!

It’s a wish of prosperity and good fortune

It’s not just about fish. But when it comes to our Inaugural Slap the Carp! TM T-shirt & decal series, it means we want to give a hand to Great Lakes Native Fish so they can “swim long and spawn,” literally, by slapping down the Asian Carp & stopping it in its tracks. Click on Our Campaigns to learn more about how we're helping!

Read more about 
Our Mission in 
Pat Moody's Front-Page 
of Swim Long in MailMax!
The Reason We're Doing This

1. Everyone  should have the opportunity to "swim long and spawn," no 
    matter what size fish they are.
2. We want to wear quality T-shirts made in America and create 
    American jobs. And, we think you will want to do that, too.
3. We can't expect anyone else to solve the problems that affect us 
    and the Great Lakes. We have to do it ourselves!
4. You have to wear clothes, so they might as well be cool, 
    comfortable, American-made & support important causes at the 
    same time. And decals? Well, decals are cool, too! They help get the 
    message out if you place them where everyone can see them!
Our "Big Fish"
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