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Whether you’re Local & Love It TM, or you are here as a guest and you love St. Joseph, you can tell the world about it by proudly displaying our stickers—on your car, board, trailer, notebook—wherever! They are waterproof and removable!

What’s so great about our stickers? Our stickers are made in Michigan, not far from here, and we set aside a portion of all of our profits from this project to support local aquatic causes that we love! That means, when you buy one of our stickers, you are supporting the local economy and promoting the local community… And, they look cool, too! 

Our first project helped Pier 1000 to pay for the dredging of a non-commercial portion of the 
St. Joe River, enabling recreational boaters to continue to enjoy Lake Michigan, and helping 
to keep our local economy growing.

In 2014, we partnered with Berrien County, pledging  $1 from each of these decals 
to help pay for the new life rings on the South Pier in St. Joseph. Installed in June 
2014, they had already saved a life by the end of July 2014! 
Help Us Keep Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes

When you buy one of our shirts, window clings, or decals, you are helping to stop the Asian Carp.  

We donate  more than 5% of our profits from the sale of Slap the Carp! shirts and decals to the National Wildlife Federation's Great Lakes Regional Center's efforts to stop the Asian Carp from destroying the habitats of the Native and Sport Fish of Lake Michigan. We need to work together to protect Midwestern waters for native fish and for people who love the water
What Is the Big Deal About the Asian Carp?
You may have seen videos on the Internet showing giant fish jumping out of rivers and 
whacking people i boats. If you haven’t, check out the video "Silent Invaders" 
from Wildlife Forever. This is a serious problem for anyone who likes to play in or 
on the water. And, the danger to humans is only one reason that we want to Slap 
the Asian Carp.

The rivers in the Midwest are filling up with these giant fish, and now there are 
tons of them, just waiting to get into the Great Lakes system. A few decades ago, 
these fish—especially the Silver Carp and the Bighead Carp--escaped from fish 
farms in the South, and they’ve been making their way North ever since, chowing 
down and breeding all along the way. In some places, the Illinios River is just 
choked with them now, and all that is keeping them from getting into the Great 
Lakes System is an Electric Barrier across the river near Chicago. That’s it. This barrier kills "good" and "bad" alike, it's very expensive, and it's not fool-proof. In fact, it stopped working for several minutes in May 2012. Even if some Asian carp have gotten into Lake Michigan, that doesn't mean we should just give up. More needs to be done now, and it will only get done if we keep putting pressure on the officials who make the decisions.

These Aren’t Your Typical Carp ... Here's How They Are Different 
The Silver and Bighead Carp aren’t bottom-feeders. They don’t eat scum and garbage off the bottom of waterways; they eat plankton, disrupting the food chain at the start. That’s important for a few reasons—both good and bad.

1. That means that they compete for the food of native fish and--up the chain--sport fish who regularly live in the 
    areas that they invade. That’s a bad thing, because they eat so much, these other "good" fish can’t get enough to eat, 
    and they are dying...being crowded out. That has big implications for both the environment and the economy.
2. That also means that humans and our pets can eat them. We can export them, too.
3. They eat and rest at the surface of the waters, and when boats, swimmers, and other people having fun come 
    along, they get startled and fling themselves into the air. That’s why they are dangerous to people. People have 
    gotten whacked pretty hard...and gotten getting their jaws broken. Imagine one of these 80-pounders 
    smacking into a toddler wading in the water. A monster fish that big could kill a small child.
4. However, this habit of jumping out of the water makes them really easy to catch and kill if you’re ready for them. Just ask the 
    folks at the Redneck Fishing Tournament. In 2014, they removed over 7,000 Asian Carp over the course of two days in Bath, 
How Can You Help, Too?  That's Easy! 
Buy T-Shirts and Decals from us and wear them (or place them where folks can see them). Also, please "like" our Facebook page and tell your friends about us! If you sign up for our email list, you will be among the first to learn about what's new at Swim Long.
Click on this video to learn more
What’s Already Being Done to Stop Them?
On the governmental level, not a lot has been getting done--despite the passage of laws, the allocation of money, and the prioritizing of the problem.  The State of Michigan has a Strategic Plan in place, but the real problem still lies outside of the State of Michigan. And, there are organizations like the National Wildlife FederationWildlife Forever  and the Alliance for the Great Lakes that are working hard to raise awareness and put some action plans into place. There are also a number of research groups working hard to learn as much about these fish as possible. But, if we don't take action now, it won’t be long before they get into Lake Michigan. In fact, there are 17 locations where the carp could enter the Great Lakes system. Once that happens, it’s going to be impossible to stop them. When they reach full-size, they have no natural predators in these waters. So, they will travel through all of the Great Lakes and move into other connected waters. The river basins will be some of the places they thrive the best--the same places where we now fish for steelhead and other sport fish. We are happy to report that the US Fish & Wildlife service has taken over the federal response to this problem, and we have met them down on the banks of the St. Joseph River, sampling the waters for eDNA and live carp.  They didn't find any on their first visit, and we hope they never do! 

Be sure to visit, "Like," and follow our Facebook page for the latest news on Asian carp.
Slap the Carp Products are available by visiting "Our Products" page 
or from Pier 1000 in Benton Harbor. 
Our "Fish St. Joe" Decals Directly Support Fishing in St. Joseph

We're thrilled that $1 from each of these King Salmon decals goes straight to the Southwest Michigan Steelheaders. This group works hard to maintain the viability of fishing in our region, and these decals help to support Salmon in the Classroom and the Net Pen project. We're really happy to do our part to help out!

As always, this Swim Long decal is 
waterproof, removable, and printed on 
the highest quality vinyl, right here in 
Michigan! At just $3 a piece, you can
buy one for your car and two more for 
your boat! Click on the fish to order now, 
or get yours exclusively at The Candlestick 
Maker today!
This Project Promotes and Supports Our "Spawning Grounds": St. Joe, MI!

Our Local & Love It TM  Campaign provides easy ways for local folks, businesses, and our visitors to come together, show support for the St. Joseph community, and make our community an even greater place to live, work, and visit!  

Swim Long donates a portion of our profits from Local & Love It TM products to helping solve problems that affect our local economy. This product line includes decals that will show everyone that you love St. Joseph, Michigan, too.  And, when you put a Swim Long decal on your car, you'll show everyone that you helped out!
Ask for Swim Long Products...

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       ~ The Candlestick Maker
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       ~ Pier 1000
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Our Mission is to Support the Great Lakes with 100% American Decals and T-Shirts

Every product we sell helps to support a cause because we always donate some of our profits to organizations that are working to protect the Lakes--and the people who love them. We also work to educate the public about threats to the Lakes and what we can all do to combat them. Our current campaigns include:

Fish St. Joe!
Local & Love It! TM
Slap the Carp! TM
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Berrien County's South Pier Life Rings
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